TalentRooster and Dallas Employment Services

May 9, 2014

We are proud to announce that we will now be using TalentRooster in addition to our normally offered services to make finding the perfect employees or perfect job that much easier! But what is TalentRooster and how can it help you?

TalentRooster is, essentially, an online pre-interview system available for employers. When an employer receives an application for an open job position, the employer can extend a TalentRooster invitation to the potential candidate. The candidate, considering they accept the invitation, then creates a TalentRooster profile. The employer provides the candidate with a series of questions and the candidate responds with a video that answers these questions. The videos can be recorded on a computer, iPhone, or iPad and are the highest quality digital video. TalentRooster provides the candidate with instructions to recording and submitting their videos to the employer, making the process simple and fast.

In-person interviews can cost a large amount of time and money. Typically interviews take close to an hour, and interviewing multiple potential employees can be a time consuming process. TalentRooster reduces interview time exponentially by allowing candidates to record the answers to pertinent questions without the clutter of lengthy in-person interviews. Employers can sort through candidates quickly while still retaining the thoroughness of in-person interviews because the candidates answer only the questions the employers want to hear.

For questions about TalentRooster or about what we can provide for you please contact us at (214)954-0700.


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