Direct Hire

DES works in partnership with our clients to ensure search and recruiting goals are attained, as well as our candidates in hopes of obtaining an ideal job match. We will customize a plan and accommodate to both our clients’ and candidates’ individual needs as best as we can. Below are some of the standards and processes we offer and abide by:

Quality Candidates

In today’s market, the best candidates use professional services such as DES. We can expose them to the entire job market more quickly than they can obtain one interview. We recruit qualified candidates, both active and passive in their job search, to ensure our network is continually growing and developing. As a result, we have an extensive referral network and one of the largest talent communities in DFW.

Meticulous Testing and Screening

We screen every candidate, sending our clients only those individuals who are appropriately qualified for the available positions. Each candidate is also skills-tested to accurately measure his or her abilities before they become an approved DES candidate. This enables us to efficiently provide you with the best suited candidate for the position.

Special Recruits

Due to our extensive network, we have the resources and ability to recruit and obtain the hard-to-find individual. For difficult to fill positions, DES will conduct confidential targeted recruiting according to the client’s specific needs.

Private Interviewing Facilities

We provide our clients with private conference rooms in our office. This option allows the ability to concentrate on hiring a new employee without any distractions, while also maintaining confidentiality.

Candidate Orientation

We ensure that each candidate is familiarized with the company and culture before attending an interview or assignment.

Continuous Advertising

We conduct year-round recruitment advertising campaigns to ensure we attract the most sought after talent in the market. In addition, we use cutting edge technology solutions to help us manage and deploy our talent. This advertising program comes at no additional cost to our clients.

Our Guarantee

Our 90-day direct hire placement guarantee reinforces our commitment to providing quality service to our clients. If a candidate leaves (without cause) or is discharged (with cause) during the guaranteed period, DES will make every reasonable effort to refill the position at no charge to the employer.