We value our clients, and we provide quality personnel and services to support their continued success. The following are some of the special features that allow us to deliver superior service:

Response Time

We will respond to you with the status of your job order within 30 minutes.

Testing and Screening

Each candidate is skills-tested to accurately measure his or her abilities. This enables us to efficiently provide you with the person best suited for the position.

Performance Evaluation

DES is proud of the performance of our temporaries, and we conduct evaluations on every assignment.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the performance of each temporary placement. If our employee does not meet your expectations, please notify us within the first four hours of the assignment and there will be no charge for that time. We will assign a more suitable replacement.


This program allows you to hire our temporaries on a full-time basis after having the opportunity to evaluate the prospective employee in your business environment.

Payroll Service

As a client, you may wish to place employees on DES’ payroll. This is valuable as it releases you from paying worker’s compensation, payroll taxes, and other benefits.

Personal Assessments

We thoroughly interview our candidates to ensure that they are truly qualified as represented. Every effort is made to match the candidate’s level of ability and professionalism with your temporary needs.

Quality Candidates

In today’s market, the best candidates use professional services such as DES. We can expose them to the entire job market more quickly than they can obtain one interview.

Continuous Advertising

We support a year-round advertising program at no additional cost to our clients.

Special Recruits

We will recruit to obtain the hard-to-find individual.