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    Please enter your hours below, in 24-hour format, rounding all times to the nearest 1/4 hour. All dates must be formatted as mm/dd/yy in order for the form to submit properly.


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    I agree to notify Dallas Employment Services, Inc. (DES) at the end of each assignment and report my availability. If unemployed, I agree to report to DES daily. If I fail to do so, DES may assume that I am not available for employment and I may be ineligible for unemployment benefits (DES is not responsible for managing your unemployment claim). I understand that DES cannot issue payment without presentation of a time sheet signed by the authorized representative DES employer-client and me. I agree that any time sheet not submitted for payment within thirty (30) days from the end of the workweek, which it represents, will be void and DES will not be responsible for payment of any work shown thereon.

    I agree that if I want my paycheck held for pick-up, I will call to notify DES by 12:00 PM Friday. I agree if I do not notify the DES office before 12:00 PM on Friday, my paycheck will be put in the postal mail.


    It is hereby agreed that the hours stated are correct, and that work was performed satisfactorily. Hours in excess of 40 per week will be billed automatically at time-and-one-half. Supervisor approval indicates acceptance of Terms and Conditions below.


    1. The Employer-client recognizes Dallas Employment Services Inc.'s (DES) employer-employee relationship with its personnel and accepts the obligation to discuss all matters concerning their employment, job assignments, pay procedures, etc., with DES.
    2. DES is made possible only by substantial investment in advertising for, testing and training a large staff of personnel. Therefore, in consideration for this service being made available, the Employer-client agrees that use of the employee named on this time sheet on either a
    temporary or regular/full-time basis within one year from the date on this time sheet will be through DES. If the Employer-client desires to hire this person on a regular/full-time basis, it is agreed that notification of this intent will be given to DES prior to any discussion with the employee. In addition, a release charge of 1% per thousand of the agreed annual starting salary not to exceed 30% will be paid to DES.
    3. Without DES's prior written consent, the Employer-client will not entrust DES employees with unattended premises, cash, negotiables or other valuables or let them operate motor vehicles or machinery. All claims and costs associated with acts or omissions of DES employees arising from non-observance of this section shall be the Employer-client's responsibility.
    4. DES is not responsible for fidelity bond claims not reported to it by the Employer-clients in writing within 30 days of the occurrence.
    5. The Employer-client will hold DES harmless from all claims and costs arising under occupational safety or health laws with respect to DES employees assigned to it.
    6. The Employer-client agrees that these Terms and Conditions shall apply to all future orders.
    7. No oral statement of any person shall modify or otherwise affect the foregoing Terms and Conditions.