5 Job Search Mistakes You Could Be Making

April 24, 2013



Have you been on countless interviews, applied for tons of jobs, and still aren’t getting any results? It may be because you are making some common mistakes that a lot of people make on their resumes and in their job hunt. Here’s some job search mistakes that you’re could likely be making.

Your resume isn’t formatted correctly
Most people create their resumes in Microsoft Word. However, not all operating systems are automatically compatible with Word and not all versions of word are compatible with one another, so there is a chance that your resume might not even get looked at if the employer can’t open the file on his or her computer. Instead, make a PDF version of your resume so that it is viewable to everyone. Also, be sure that your resume has a clean, organized look to it. A messy resume makes employers feel you lack attention to detail, and lands your resume straight in the “no” pile.

You didn’t explain your short stays
If you have positions listed on your resume that are shorter than a year’s time, explain why you were only there for that long. If you don’t state your reasons and just have short stays listed, it looks as if you job hop and don’t care about the companies you work for. If the company you worked for went out of business, then state that. If you just had a summer job for a few months between classes, be sure to explain that.

You don’t keep your options open
Lots of candidates think of the job search as a one-stop-at-a-time thing. Instead of applying for multiple positions at once, they only apply for one job at a time, then interview and wait to hear about the position. All of this waiting time could be spent job hunting and applying to other positions. When you have more than one application out there, there is more of a chance that you will get a job. It also shows that you are a dedicated and energetic candidate.

You include too much work history
All that is needed is the last 10-15 years of work history. If you are over 40, you don’t need to list all of your jobs going back to the first job you had after college. On the other hand, if you are a recent college graduate with career-related internships, you don’t need to list the jobs that you had in high school. Be relevant.

You’ve let your guard down outside of the interview room
One of the things that hiring managers are doing now-a-days are taking candidates out to lunch or dinner. They want to see the real you and how you treat people outside of the work environment. If you are rude to the wait staff and don’t appreciate the people who are making your meal possible, they wonder how you will treat fellow employees and temporary hires. So, make sure you are respectful to everyone around you, and don’t treat anyone as inferior to you.

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