7 Tips For a Great Career Fair

January 26, 2016

Career fairs can be a daunting environment, especially if it’s your first one. Don’t let a hectic environment cause you to miss out on great opportunities. We have some good tips to help you navigate your next job search.

Bring Your Resume
Print off multiple copies of your resume. You’ll want to leave copies with some of the people you talk to. Make sure your resume is up to date, organized and only one page.

Dress for the Occasion
You should dress like you would for an interview. This is the first impression a company will have of you. If you don’t dress professionally, that will be one more time you’ll have to prove yourself over the competition. It is much better to be known for being well-dressed than too casual.

Be Prepared
Do your research! If there is a list of companies that will be involved, look at their websites. There is nothing more annoying than asking a company the things that you could easily look up or should already know. Make sure you have a pen with you to take notes. Read all of the information that is given about the career fair, there will usually be instructions or a map given beforehand.

Know Your Pitch
You might not have time to tell a potential employer everything about you. Try to memorize a few things you would like a company would deem important, a few things that make you a great choice. You should give them a short description of your skills or how your experience would help with a position they have open. Tell them why you stand out from the other candidates!

Keep Your Focus
Take a few minutes at the beginning of the job fair to look through the booths and get your bearings. After that stay focused. Go make an impression on at least three potential employers. When you are talking with each employer focus on what they are saying, then give your pitch to them.

Follow Up
Ask for a business card while you are talking to a potential employer. Be sure to follow up right after the career fair. That could mean thanking a potential employer for their time via email. You could also apply for the position you want online. It’s great to ask the potential employer what the best way to follow up would be, but in case you forget, there are usually options on their website or an email address on their card. This shows you are interested and puts the ball in their court.

Get Excited
If you are positive and look excited about a position, the potential employer will pick up on that. Trying to “play it cool” might leave you looking bored or uninterested. Employers want employees that are passionate about what they do. They want someone that is excited about the day ahead! So get excited!

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