Attention 2016 Job Seeking Grads

May 27, 2016

It is time! Time to get a real job and begin the next chapter of your life. The only issue is, getting a job. As a recent grad, the job search can be tricky. Everyone is looking for the same thing and it seems like they have more experience than you. The process is overwhelming and discouraging but this isn’t the time to give up yet.

When looking for a job you will need an accurate and updated resume. The most important thing for all job seekers is to create a resume that stands out from the crowd. Be memorable. Resumes are meant to list your involvement, education and accomplishments. Now you might be thinking all of this is good advice but I haven’t had many huge accomplishments to make my resume a game changer.

This is a great opportunity to pick up some part time work or volunteer options to put on your resume. The most important thing you can put on your resume is experience, and at DES we can help you with your temporary work and build a working background. Our temp to hire program allows you to make connections and generate useful skills in a professional environment to ultimately put on a resume and gain valuable experience.

Once your resume is completed and has a customized flair to it, it is time to actually apply for jobs and interviews. Interviews are everything in the job search. The process starts before you even walk into the office. Research the company, know their mission statement, values, recent work, news and anything else that could be useful in an interview. When the interviewer asks, “why are you interested in our company,” you can confidently answer the question because of the research done before walking in.

The next thing you can do is be on time, be on time, be on time! Once you are in the actual interview, this is your time to shine. Be authentic, confident, truthful, pleasant and be yourself. This is the time for you to sell yourself to a company. Answer all questions with detailed responses and situations. For more interview tips, visit our blog and stay updated with the latest Do’s and Don’ts for interviewing.

Recent grads, we get it. Searching for a job is tiring, frightening and discouraging, but that is not a reason to give up hope. Stay focused and motivated. One of the biggest challenges to any job seeker is staying motivated. Write down your goals and get inspired. As a recent grad it is important to never give up; know your goals and work towards them. If you need more help, contact us on our website!man-people-office-writing (1)

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