Build Your Professional Network with Dallas Employment Services

April 24, 2012

Networking is a tricky skill. Some people seem to be able to build a network without even trying, while others struggle to meet the right people. Many people overlooking search and recruiting agencies as an opportunity to network, but the reality is that it’s our job to hook you up with the kind of people who can hire you! Think of it this way: who’s more likely to know a hiring manager than someone who works at a search and recruiting firm that works with hiring managers?

So come visit us first, and we can talk about your desired job or industry and how to get started. We can do a lot to spotlight you as a job candidate, but we can’t build your network for you, so the next steps when introduced are yours!

1. Make the right first impression. Dress for the job you want, and make sure your outfit fits and is clean! Let your excitement to meet the person show through your face by smiling, leaning in to shake their hand, and focusing all your attention on them. Avoid crossing your arms, fussing with your hair or face, and other distracting body language.

2. Keep the impression going. Spend some time researching the company and perhaps even the person you’re meeting with. You can learn a lot from someone’s LinkedIn profile, and it may help you determine the best way to approach them or answer your questions.

3. Follow up! A hand-written note impresses many, but a quick email will arrive faster (and may be easier to remember). Unless the contact suggests that you call them, it’s usually better not to— a note or an email allows them to respond to you on their own time, while a phone call puts them on the spot.

Remember: every time you meet someone, professionally or personally, they could potentially become a business contact! Keep your cards on you and be ready at a moment’s notice to switch into Professional Mode! Contact us and we’ll help get you ready for networking, job interviews, and more.

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