Cleaning Up Your Social Media

April 18, 2014

Social media can be an excellent resource for expressing yourself, storing photos and memories, and communicating with friends and family. However, inappropriate content on social media can be detrimental to your job search. According to Forbes, close to 40 percent of employers check applicants social media before deciding to hire or not to hire them. In an effort to promote yourself as the best possible candidate for the job position you are applying for, it is important that your social media reflects the best possible you. Try these tips for cleaning up your social media:


Facebook: Your Facebook profile contains huge amounts of information: photos, posts, and likes are all available to see. Though this may be entertaining to you, inappropriate content should be removed when applying for jobs. Delete any photos that may contain improper images. This means that photos of drinking, engaging in illicit activities, or anything containing little to no clothing should be removed. Also, photos with tasteless captions should be taken down. Facebook allows users to control their privacy settings. By changing your privacy settings so that only your Facebook friends can see your posts is a helpful way to clean up your Facebook page because assumably, someone looking to hire you is not going to add you as a friend on Facebook. Keeping your profile limited to only profile pictures and general information will be beneficial to your job search. On a final note, disliking any inappropriate pages will keep your profile looking its best and most professional.


Twitter: Twitter archives anything you have ever tweeted. This may come as a blessing for personal reasons but a curse during the job search. Removing tweets with foul language or images is the best way to clean up your Twitter page. Also, protect your Twitter page by making it private. Those Twitter users who you do not accept as a follower cannot see your tweets.


LinkedIn: LinkedIn, because of its professional nature, does not require much upkeep when it comes to inappropriate content. However, it is best to keep your LinkedIn page clean and up to date. If your job experience section is cluttered, try removing some of your older or less impressive previous employments, leaving only the most important content. Also, a professional headshot should be used as your LinkedIn profile picture. Any other form of photograph is unprofessional and could harm your job search. Make sure, also, that your resume is well organized, detailed, and easy to follow. A clean and professional resume is highly beneficial to job seekers.


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