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August 21, 2015

One of the most important things in having an amazing company is having a team of employees! But how do you make sure that the employees you’re hiring are actually the right fit for your company. Here’s ways you can be sure to find excellent candidates!

One of the ways Dallas Employment Services can help you find candidates fit for you is through our latest technology used for interviewing potential employees to ensure they fit the mold. As an example, we offer TalentRooster as our online video pre-interview system, giving you the power to view potential candidates online to begin the process. Which means you can view multiple candidates without the lengthy of full in-person interviews! We also test and screen each one of our candidates skills to accurately measure their abilities before they become approved.

Temporary services are available through DES, as well. The client has the opportunity to conduct an on-the-job evaluation of a candidate, where the temp-to-hire candidate is placed on a 90 day probationary period before they are released from the DES Payroll. Shorter temporary contracts are also available if you are interested in a 30 or 60 day arrangement. DES pays all taxes and pay-rolling costs associated with temp-to-hire services. Or if you’re in an urgent situation where you needed someone ASAP, DES also has temporary placements for you through the early morning and late evening. If an unexpected situation arises or a short term project needs to be completed, DES will provide you with good quality temporary candidates for variable lengths of job assignments to ensure your company will continue to run efficiently without any hitches.

Most importantly, we have our wonderful direct hiring service here at DES to get you connected to proper candidates no matter the company! In today’s market, many candidates use professional services such as DES. We have the ability to expose them to the entire job market quicker than one can obtain just one interview. As a result, we have an extensive referral network and one of the largest talent communities in DFW! We are also on the case for those “difficult-to-fill” positions for our clients. Because of our impressive network, we have the resources and ability to recruit and obtain the hard-to-find individual for you and are willing to conduct confidential targeted recruitments according to whatever your needs may be.

Whether you may be a client in need of fine employee candidates or you need someone to fill a position for a day, DES has you covered! Please look at our website for even more info on how you can benefit by working with DES!


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