Dress For Success!

May 23, 2014

Interviews are stressful, that is no surprise. There are many things to focus on before an interview such as staying calm, remember facts about yourself and the company, and impressing whoever is interviewing you. However, one majorly overlooked facet of the interview process is what to wear. We want to help you find the best possible job and have provided some tips for what to wear so you can look and do your best in an interview!


Men: Conservative is key. Leave your patterned ties and socks and home and opt for neutral tones. You are not dressing for a date, you are dressing for an interview and that requires a higher decibel of professionalism. Choose a white or blue button down, dark or khaki dress pants, and dress shoes and pair your ensemble with a dark tie. Dark colored socks and belt, preferably that match, should also be worn. Try to avoid wearing cologne to an interview because even if you may think your cologne smells great, your interviewer may not.


Women: Like for men, your outfit should be conservative and professional. Women have more leniency in what to wear than men, however, because women have the option of either dress skirt or slacks. Women should pair a white or neutral tone blouse with whichever skirt or slack is chosen, making sure the blazer and bottoms match. Remove all fingernail polish or paint your nails a nude or skintone. Perfume should not be worn to an interview.


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