Dress To Impress

April 29, 2015

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: what you wear to an interview affects how the interviewers perceive you. It may seem like a basic rule of thumb, but as the times change, the rules change as well. Here’s how to stay up-to-date on what’s appropriate and what’s not.

First, let’s check out the facts. About 1 in 3 hiring managers make their decision about you within the first 90 seconds of their time with you. What’s more is that 55% of hiring managers make their decision based on how you appear. So not only do you need to present yourself well, but you need to make that good presentation right off the bat.

You know the drill. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed, and do a little research on the company culture before you go in to make sure your outfit is on the right track. But when it comes to the details, it gets a little more complicated.

What is appropriate for a night out is not appropriate for an interview. Regardless of how fashionable your new wedges are, they should not make an appearance in an interview. Stay away from stilettos and open-toed shoes, and stick to pumps or even flats.

Even if you’ve heard that employees wear jeans to work at the company you’re interviewing with, they’re never a professional choice for an interview. If you want to wear pants, try slacks or khaki varieties.

An unsettling newsflash to the trendier career woman: Statement jewelry can be distracting in an interview. While statement jewelry can spice up an outfit, it’s better to keep your face and your words as the center of attention. Stick to simpler jewelry.

At an interview, no one cares how hard you’ve worked to sculpt those abdominal muscles. Clothes should be tailored enough to show professionalism, but loose enough to minimize distraction. This also applies to skirt length.

Finally, leave the hats at home! No matter how often you wear a hat on your own time, an employer can and will find it rude if you wear one to your interview. Again, it’s just a distraction from your stellar self!

Finally, when in doubt, channel your inner Barney Stinson. As mentioned above, it is never wrong to be too overdressed at an interview. Show that you aren’t afraid to go above and beyond! Go to our website for more tips and tricks! Overall, have fun with your interview outfit and let your personality shine through. Keep it classy and you’ll be legendary!


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