Good News For Candidates!

August 28, 2015

Dallas is booming and we’re blessed to be a part of it!

There’s no doubting that Dallas is one of the greatest places to be and for many reasons! From the gorgeous skyline to cheering for the Cowboys to chowing down on the Tex-Mex, no wrong can come from this city. But what about the important stuff? Like housing and your career? Well lucky you, you don’t have to leave the delicious Tex-Mex to find a nice home and career!

The Dallas Boom!
From its early roots as manufacturers of private goods to our status today as a major center for commerce, energy, computers and medical research, Dallas has always been a hub for industry.The current local rate of job growth, 4.8 percent, was more than double the national rate of 2.1 percent. Dallas was 1 of the nation’s 12 largest metropolitan statistical areas in April 2015. All 12 areas experienced over-the-year job growth, with 7 areas exceeding the U.S. average of 2.2 percent. Dallas had the fastest rate of job growth, which was 3.9 percent.

Good News For Candidates!
Everyone at DES wants you to get the most out of this thriving job market, and we can with our direct and temporary hiring services. We will provide you with a job that’s perfect for you, whether it be long or short term. We work with a number of blue chip companies and a stable of high profile companies, many who are successful organizations that are growing in this market.

Resumes? No Problem!
Need help with your resume? Not only are we here to help with the basics, but even if you know how to make a good print resume, there is still the issue of kickback from a digital system. We can also help make your resume resonate in the digital world and help you organize and use the right keywords that will guide your resume to make a splash in this booming market.

Dallas is booming, don’t let this job market overwhelm you, come to DES, whether you are looking for a candidate, a job or are happy where you’re at! DES wants to help you!! Call us 214.954.0700 or visit our website.


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