Hiring For The Holidays

November 27, 2015

The holidays have finally arrived, and the craziness has ensued. Everybody is busy, but now more than ever businesses need their employees to keep everything running smoothly. However, this time of year is often when employees take time off. If that’s the case – don’t fret! Let DES help!

Here at DES, we offer temporary hire services – perfect for when an employee will be on temporary leave. The first step is to put in a job order. We know how urgent filling a position us, so we guarantee that we will respond to you with the status of your job order within 30 minutes. After we determine your staffing needs, our expertise comes into play. We thoroughly interview our candidates to ensure that they are truly qualified. Furthermore, every effort is made to match the candidate’s level of ability and professionalism with your temporary needs.

Once we believe we have found the perfect candidate for you, we put them through candidate orientation. During this orientation candidates are familiarized with your company and culture before attending their temporary assignment. We also offer our payroll services to you. You may wish to place a new, seasonal employee or contract individual on our payroll. This is a valuable feature because it relieves you from the responsibility of paying payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, and other benefits.

Employees often get sick around this time of year, too. The flu, along with other common illnesses, run rampant during the winter season. If you find yourself in a sticky situation and need a temporary hire immediately, don’t panic! We understand. Whether it’s early morning or late evening, our temporary division is readily available for your urgent staffing needs. If an unexpected situation arises or a short term project needs to be completed, DES will provide you with amazing quality temporary candidates for variable lengths of job assignments to ensure your company will continue to run efficiently without any hitches. We guarantee the performance of each temporary placement. If our employee does not perform to your expectations, please notify us within the first four hours of the assignment and there will be no charge for that time. In addition, we will assign a more suitable replacement.

DES is here to help for all your staffing needs. During the holidays, let us help out with your temporary staffing needs. Visit our website and give us a call next time you need a temporary hire!


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