Hiring Temps: Things to Consider

July 31, 2013

With healthcare laws changing, the shifting economy, and the change in the job market, employers are seeking to hire on a temporary basis, rather than permanent. Hiring temporary workers has risen by more than 50% since the recession ended (Source: Are you part of this statistic? Whether you are hiring temporary workers due to the nature of the position or for economic reasons, there are some important things to consider.

1. Time Frame
Often when an employer is looking to hire a temporary worker, they need to hire them in a hurry. There is not much time to appropriately assess the hire’s skills and abilities.

2. Temporary Mindset
Hiring a temporary worker can be risky. Temporary employees tend to have a temporary mindset; this job is not permanent.  They may be inclined to not work as hard or put in quality work. By not hiring the right person, your project could be in jeopardy.

3. Training
Employers must also factor in the time it will take to train the temporary employee to perform the job. While any new employee will need training, it is important to hire temporary employees who already have the skills necessary to complete the project or task.

Hiring temporary workers can be a great way to fill in the gaps or help with the work load at your company. Let us help you find the best person(s) for the job! Fill out a job order online and we will get to work right away filling your open job!

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