How to Prepare for an Interview

May 2, 2017

Remember how you felt before your first day of school? Nervous, yet excited? You probably had your best outfit laying out, your backpack packed and waiting by the door, and anxiously ready to get there way too early. If you somehow relate to this scenario, getting ready for your first day at a new job should be pretty similar. Keep in mind, first impressions are important and can make a major impact on how you thrive with the organization. If you want to make sure you start things off on the right foot, follow these 8 tips!

1. Plan Your Best Outfit the Night Before.
You want to make sure you’re dressed appropriately, so play it safe the first day. Meaning, choose the more polished and professional option to make the best first impression.

2. Prepare your elevator speech and discussion topics beforehand.
No one likes awkward small-talk. You want to come prepared with how you present yourself for the first time with your new co-workers. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to come up with a few topics to have at hand incase the conversation doesn’t flow easily.

3. Arrive early, but not too early!
What does this mean? Plan to get there around 10-15 minutes early to have time to get all set up. Showing up any earlier than that, you might come off as too eager… or worse, throw off other people’s schedules.

4. Have a positive attitude.
Stay relaxed, and enjoy your first day! Smile when you meet people, look them in the eye when you shake their hand, and look eager to be there! You want to develop positive vibes with your new coworkers right off the bat.

5. Don’t be scared to ask questions.
It’s ok not to have everything down when you start a new job. Feel free to ask questions or for help when you need it! It’s much better to get clarification on a task then to get it wrong.

6. Go to lunch with your new boss and co-workers.
If, and only if, the offer comes your way, take it! Going to lunch with the new boss and/or coworkers will allow you to get to know them outside the office setting. Get ready to mingle!

7. Listen more than talk.
Yes, you want to be seen as a contribution… But you don’t want to come off too strong. No one appreciates a know-it-all when you’re new. Spend your first days doing more observing and listening to your new peers.

8. Stay organized.
Come to work with a planner! Be prepared to keep track of meetings, deadlines, projects, and assignments coming your way.



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