Keeping a Healthy Career-Style

September 18, 2015

In September of 2014, The Washington Post published an article stating that the average work week for an American has reached an all-time high of forty-seven hours. Americans are now spending more time in the workplace than ever before. Not only is this astonishing, but it stresses the importance of individuals maintaining a healthy career-style. If you are spending about 28% of your week working, it’s crucial for your happiness that you enjoy what you are doing – this means maintaining a healthy career-style.

Having a healthy career-style has many different meanings. The most important way to maintain a healthy career-style is to stay active looking at new opportunities, even if you are currently employed. Looking at open positions doesn’t mean that you are unhappy at your current job or you want to leave your job – there are many other benefits that continuous job searching can provide you:

Build your network
While on your job search, you’re learning about other companies and who makes up those companies. It’s a perfect opportunity to reach out to people in your industry and talk to them. You can network and learn about what makes other people successful and take note of what adjustments you need to make to be successful as well.

Set goals
You may stumble upon a job that you absolutely love, but you don’t have the skills or experience you need for that job. Finding this “perfect job” gives you something to work towards. You can learn how many more years of experience you need or what skills are required for the job, and then make necessary adjustments. As the famous phrase goes, you’re never too old to learn something new – so set some time aside to learn those new skills and polish up on the skills you already have.

Organize your Future Job Search
If you have done been looking at new opportunities, you are aware of what jobs are on the market and what your specific industry is looking for. To put it simply, you’re one step ahead of your competition. The research that you have done will allow you to pinpoint opportunities and know exactly where you would fit in and what you can offer a company.

The best way to have a healthy career-style is to constantly examine the job market and see what is available. Staying aware of the current job market can serve as a networking opportunity, a way to help you determine where you want be in the future, and a way for you to keep your job search organized. Joining our talent network is a perfect way to maintain a healthy career-style. Join now on our website – we’d love to keep you in the loop about current job opportunities!



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