Listen Up, Grads!

March 19, 2015

Post-graduate life can be incredibly stressful, as recent college graduates learn to navigate the ups and downs of “real life.” With the stresses of finding a place to live, meeting new people, and living independently, there is plenty to worry about without having to find a job. But the post-grad job search is inevitable. Thankfully, Dallas Employment Services is here to help! We offer a variety of services for recent graduates looking to increase their levels of experience and enter the professional world.

Through a multi-step process, Dallas Employment Services prepares recent graduates for a lifetime of professional success.

First of all, we believe good conversation skills are a necessary primary building block to success. Our first step when we are talking to a postgraduate simply involves creating conversation, as we learn about them and learn about their communicative skills.

Then we help with Interview preparation. We will help build your interview skills with practice to ensure you go into your interviews with confidence. We will also go over answers to common interview questions, and also help postgrads formulate their own questions to ask their interviewers.

Next, we’ll work on resume building and formatting. Our experts will team up with graduates to make their resumes stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of recruiters and employers!

Once a resume is up to speed, the next step is social media cleaning. In this day and age, a clean and professional social media presence can be as important as a well-made resume. We’ll show the recent graduates our best tips and tricks for creating and maintaining a presentable social media profile.

Finally, it’s time for the best part! Dallas Employment Services has connections with a variety of blue chip companies and other employment opportunities which include positions in accounting, entry level positions, account management and many more. As soon as we feel you’re ready for the job market, we’ll match you with a job that fits!

Post-grad life is an exciting time of growth and development. Don’t let it stress you out! With the right guidance provided by Dallas Employment Services, you don’t have to! Visit our website or our Facebook page to take the first step toward the rest of professional life.

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