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October 17, 2014


Are you tired of taking forever to find a candidate? Here at DES we have found a way to simplify and make the employment process a little easier so that you can spend less time searching, and more time doing.

Job Orders

Once you make the big decision to start hiring team members for your company, it is important that your dream does not get pushed to the wayside because of the time and energy is takes to submit a job order. At Dallas Employment Services we have made this process much simpler by allowing you to submit job order forms directly to our site. All it takes is simply entering your company’s information along with the job description and requirements and then hitting submit. With those few clicks we are able to put you one step closer to hiring your ideal candidate!

Talent Rooster

Interviews, as crucial as they are, can tend to be timely and costly. That’s why at DES we have launched TalentRooster services to help ease the process. It is a prescreening tool that starts with DES sending the candidates to TalentRooster and answering a few interview questions via video. TalentRooster provides the candidate with all the instructions necessary to submit their video. This service allows interviewees to take their time answering the questions important to the company, while also making it quicker for employers to find the candidates that stand out before going through a longer interview with the company.

Great Candidate, Every Time (Guaranteed!)

We know how hard it can be to find a qualified candidate in the hiring process. That’s why at DES we are committed to helping you find the perfect match every time! Who says you can’t have both a simple hiring process and a qualified employee? We are dedicated to understanding the needs of both clients and candidates in order to find the perfect job match. If that requires us also going the extra mile to make it simpler, we will do it! Our client’s needs are worth it to us. We guarantee that by using the simple services we offer here at DES, you will receive a great candidate, EVERY time.

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