Resume Tips for Every Job Seeker

June 26, 2015

R-E-S-U-M-E find out what it means to me!

Whether you are about to submit your resume or just starting, take a look at these tips to help your resume be the best possible! Just remember RESUME.

Read Over
Before you submit your resume be sure to read it over. Look for misspelling, grammar mistakes, and even line spacing accuracy to keep your resume looking clean and neat. Also, it helps to have someone else critique it to have a new perspective. You may be surprised by some of the little mistakes you or someone else catches that could make a difference whether you get an interview or not.

Eliminate Words
Your resume needs to be clear and succinct, so don’t be afraid to eliminate some words or phrases that you do not need, for example “objective” or“references upon request.” Even phrases similar to “strong work ethic” and “detail-oriented” can be eliminated because it is what an employer expects from any employee, so it does not set you apart. Be specific in your skills, so instead of “strong work ethic”, mention that you were the “second highest in annual sales out of 100 employees.”

Short and Sweet
If you have a lot of information and cannot fit it into your resume try revising and eliminating non-essential items, including putting the numeral instead of spelling out numbers. For example instead of writing, “Coordinated multiple events for the schools, kids, businesses and families of Sunshine Community,” you can write, “Coordinated 10 events for the Sunshine Community.” Also, keep your experience relevant to the position and your skills brief. It will be easier for the employer to focus on the specific experience and skills rather than a long list of items.

Utilize Resources And Be Unique
In all areas of the job search it is critical to utilize your resources, including for your resume. Have them read over your resume and provide feedback on how to make it better and to help you stand out among the competition. After you finalize your resume feel free to send it to your resources in the industry you want to work in to see if there are any positions open.

Matching Your Skills To The Job
Your resume represents your experience and who you are, so use words and skills that match the company you are applying for in order to make it the best possible for your employer and the position. Look at the company website for keywords that exemplify the company and connect your skills with them. For example, if a company is strong in relationships with the client, mention examples building relationships, for example “organized an office volunteer day to establish a better relationship with the community.” Some companies also have slogans or mission statements that depict their goals and things that they look for in an employee.

Easy to read
Do you have multiple style fonts with multiple sizes? Are there random indents that divide your resume? Is there irrelevant information? All of these things can distract the employer from your skills, and can possibly be the difference between being hired or not. Be sure your resume is clean, succinct and legible. Your resume should not look like a newspaper. A typical font size for a resume is 11-12 points and there are multiple ways to organize your information while also using white space so it does not look too crowded or too blank.

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