Resumes That Work For You in 2014

January 8, 2014

With the new year in full swing, your job search should be back in action as well. For this year’s job search, you need to be sure your resume is above the rest. Your resume should be effective and well-organized. Here is how you can fix up your resume for the new year:

1. Put the important things first. Assuming that there are multiple candidates for the job, the hiring manager will more than likely just skim your resume. Make sure your resume is written simply in bullet points, rather than full sentences. Make sure that you put relative work experience and education first. Other experience, skills and experience should go later on.

2. Delete the personal pronouns. Obviously you are talking about yourself in your resume. Using a personal pronoun such as “I” or “me” is redundant and ineffective. Try creating sentences without any pronouns that just describe your experience or skills.

3. Keep it up to date. Using an old resume that does not include your most recent experience will look unprofessional, as if you are hiding your recent past. The best way to combat a partially finished resume or one that was added to at the last minute, you should try to update your resume as often as you can. That way, your resume is ready in the case of a last minute job opportunity.

4. Clean crisp layout. Make sure your resume is clean and crisp. The document should include lots of white space and clean, basic fonts. The whole resume should only be one page. These small changes will help your resume beat out the competition with just one look.

5. Proofread. If you cannot create a document that reflects yourself without making spelling, punctuation or grammatical mistakes, what will your work look like when you are at your job? The best way to proofread your resume is to give it to someone else. This is preferably someone who is good at English and will use a detail-oriented eye when looking at your resume.

For more help and advice for your new year’s job search go to our website and visit our blog. We wish you the best of luck for your job search in 2014!

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