Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

September 26, 2014

Dallas Employment Services has everything you need to know about social media as a recruitment tool!

Is Social Media the Recruitment Genie You’ve Been Searching For?

In short, no, social media is an excellent tool, but not the best way to recruit. It would seem like a great environment, there are so many millions of people in one place and they all put their skills and hobbies on an easy-to-read profile. Though it is an excellent tool to use during the recruitment process, studies show that people don’t necessarily want to be recruited directly from the same profiles where they share their weekend plans with friends. In a study done by Link Humans, 53% of Facebook respondents said they did not want to be recruited on Facebook. As far as finding a job 93% of respondents say they have never successfully found a job using Facebook.

Social Media As a Tool

That being said, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have over 535 million combined users so social media is very helpful as a tool during the recruitment process. Social media profiles are easy to access and show information that might not otherwise be offered by an applicant. According to a SHRM survey 77% of organizations are using social networking when recruiting. Many businesses look on social media sites as a background check. They find out who you are compared to your resume, this can either help or hurt the applicant.

Does Your Social Media Work for You

Make sure, if you are applying for a job, to look at your practices on social media and it is an accurate portrayal of the person you want that employer to see. In a survey done by CareerBuilder the top reasons an employer would not hire a candidate based on social media is:
The candidate posted provocative/ inappropriate photos (50%)
There was info about the candidate drinking in excess or using drugs. (48%)
The candidate bad mouthed a previous employer (33%)
The candidate had poor communication skills (30%)
The candidate made discriminatory comments (28%)
The candidate lied about qualifications (24%)
But this is not to say your social media can’t help you, there are many things an employer would see on your profile that could make the candidate look more qualified. Some things that could aid your hiring process would be: a professional image, a wide range of interests, creativity, good personality or a good feeling about the applicant working with the established company culture.

Keep using your social media sites to your benefit and for the best solutions in recruiting visit our website or our Facebook.

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