Tailor Your Resume For Any Position

January 26, 2017

One simple way to score an interview is to tailor your resume to fit the job. Sounds easy enough, right? Here are some quick tips to prepare your resume for the position you want:

Understand the Job and Necessary Qualifications

Read over the job description to ensure that you understand what the position
calls for and that you have the necessary experience or skills to fit the qualifications. Then go through it again and mark the the most important key-words and applicant traits for this position.

Resume Should Mirror the Description
Next, skim over your own resume and find areas where you could use similar key-words to the ones you just found in the job description. If you’re having a hard-time thinking of ways to rephrase your skills, check the Thesaurus.

Make Your Most Relevant Experience Prominent

Try to adjust your resume so your more relevant skills and experience are what’s most
prominent. If your experience that’s most relevant isn’t your most recent, one option is to format your resume using a functional ordering system instead of chronological one.

Edit, Edit, Edit

Though this may seem like common sense, it’s easy to make little errors or typos when moving things around on your resume. Make sure that you read it aloud to yourself, as well as maybe getting a friend to look it over, before you send it off to any employers.

Stick With The Basics
Don’t stray from what works. Specifying your experience and skills to match a job description is great, but don’t let it hurt an already great resume. Make sure your resume stays to one page long. Make sure that you keep most of your experience to show that you are well-rounded and organize your resume so that it is easy to read for your employer.

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