Temporary Work and the Post-Grad

May 22, 2015

Finding employment straight out of college can be tough. And with a just a small amount of experience under your belt, it can be even tougher. So what’s a recent grad to do?

According to the International Labor Organization, about “75 percent of all workers in the world are employed on temporary or short-term contracts.” Beyond that, temporary work is on the rise. To read more about this rising trend, check out our blog.

There are several advantages to doing temporary employment right out of college. Thanks to Dallas Employment Services, gaining experience is easy!

-First, it’s a resume builder. Some work experience is better than no work experience. Full-time employers will be glad to see that you took the time to work, even if only for a while! It is best to show future employers that you took the initiative to find a job, rather than be unemployed. Also, be sure you use your past work experience to help you excel in your interview.

-Second, it’s great to get office experience! If you’ve never worked in a corporate environment, it can seem intimidating. Take the time to acquire new skills, learn from the people around you and ask for tips to be a better employee. Temporary work is a great way to try it out without a long-term commitment.

-Finally, temporary work can help you gain references. Making connections can be very helpful later on down the road of your career. Be sure to make connections both in the office and on LinkedIn. These connections can help you find your future job or make you temporary job permanent. So start networking as soon as you can!

Overall, DES is here to help recent grads in any way we can. So don’t stress about that job search, just visit our website, or call us at (214) 954-0700 and get ready to start gaining that valuable experience!


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