Tips on Networking

June 19, 2015

Networking can be one of the most valuable assets in your professional career. It can help you find a job, hire an employee, and overall establish strong connections for your future. It is important but not always the easiest to do. So don’t let it be intimidating, follow these tips and you’ll be connecting like a pro!

Be in the mindset: “what can I do for this person?”
Often times networking events can seem overbearing and when you need to get a job you may think employers will automatically want you, and while in some cases this is true, it is best to fill the void and find out how your skills match their company rather than expect them to come to you. Address how you can help the company succeed, and establish mutual benefits to help create stronger connections. If you get stuck try to have the other person talk about themselves and their professional journey, they will love talking about themselves and you can have some time to gather your thoughts (don’t forget to listen though).

I have a job, do I still have to go to a networking event?
Yes, networking events are not only for finding a job, but building professional relationships. The connections you make at networking events can help you find professional mentors, learn updated information about your industry and create opportunities for the future, such as research or a future job.

Multiple ways to network:
Networking does not always have to be the typical meet-and-greet style. If you are swamped and cannot attend events or just want to further your networking skills look into social media platforms, specially LinkedIn and Twitter. Social media host various chats and events that have online networking which provide convenience for a busy schedule. Also, look into your collegiate career center and see what programs they offer. Many universities have programs that help students and alumni connect with employers in order to hire and find jobs.

How do I keep the conversation going?
Talking to someone you have barely met can be difficult. You can start by introducing yourself but rather than just saying your professional title, briefly explain how you benefit your company. Also, try to avoid yes/no questions, this will help keep the conversation going and provide fuel for future conversation.

Networking is a vital part of career advancement and professional standards.For more information about networking, hiring an employee or finding a job contact DES at (214) 954-0700 or look at our website, we would love to help you. The connections you make today can impact your future tomorrow.


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