Top 5 Ways to Not Get the Job

June 27, 2013


When it’s interview time, it’s easy to be stressed and frantic. We often forget so many of the most basic essentials of a job interview in the excitement of the callback. Here are some ways to ensure you will forfeit your chances of landing the job.

1. Dress to not impress.
If you show up in jeans or a revealing top, your interviewer will likely write you off before you even start. Ditch the everyday clothes and opt for the suit and dress shoes. It’s better to over dress than to under dress.

2. Chew gum.
If you do not want to get the job, we suggest getting some Bubbalicious gum and smacking away at it during the interview. You would like to think that spitting out the gum before going in would be common sense, but we’ve found that to not always be the case. Before you get out of your car, do a quick self-check, including getting rid of the gum.

3. Show up late.
Strolling in late to an interview is a great way to show the employer that you lack ambition and punctuality – not good qualities in a future employee. If you are going to be late for a legitimate reason, communicate it in as far advance as possible with your interviewer.

4. Criticize their business.
It’s one thing to come prepared with background information on the company, it’s another to start spouting off ways the company could do much better. Even if they could use some help, save your critiques until after you have landed the job.

5. Don’t follow up.
If you never converse with the interviewer again, there is a problem. It is always a great idea to follow up with a thank you note to the employer, thanking them for their time and touching on points discussed in the interview.

Be sure you stay focused and leveled headed when going into an interview. These mistakes don’t have to keep you from landing the job! If you need help working through the interview process or finding a job, give us a call 214.954.0700 or set up an appointment online.

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