Tricky Interview Situations

February 17, 2017

Think you’re all ready to go in for an interview? Sometimes, even when we think we’re fully prepared, sticky situations come into play and you might go into panic-mode. Here are some common situations that can be thrown your way, along with how to best prepare for them.

When they hit you with the, “Tell me about yourself” question…

This isn’t even a question, yet it’s the most commonly asked thing that can shake an interviewee up inside. Let’s start with what NOT to do

  • DON’T: Freak out and start rambling about random things about yourself. The interviewer does not want to hear your autobiography or personal things going on in your life–unless, of course, there are aspects applicable to the job.
  • DO: Prepare a brief summary that specifically targets the job you’re interviewing for. For example, tell the interviewer how past events–like previous coursework or jobs–in your life have prepared you well for this career.

When they ask you for any
weaknesses you have…

This one is tricky because who wants to talk about their weaknesses when trying to appear as a perfect candidate for the job?

  • DON’T: Deny that you have any weaknesses whatsoever. Let’s be real… everyone has a weakness, and the interviewer is looking for a real answer here.
  • DO: To conquer this one, talk about an area that was once a weakness, but you have improved on, and even overcome.

When they ask downright
WEIRD questions that have no right answer…

You might be thrown an unexpected question that has nothing to do with the job like, “If you were a color of shoes, which would you be?” Some interviewers will do this to test your level of creativity.

  • DON’T: squirm or get flustered in this situation.
  • DO: Take a moment to gather your answer before jolting something out. Use these odd-ball questions as a way to impress the employer with your creative, quick-thinking mind.


When they ask you questions about the future

This one is quite tricky because while you should be honest here, you should also include the desire to work for this company long-term even if you may have another route in mind.

  • DON’T: Go on about something that clearly gives away the idea that you would ever want to stay with the company. Also, avoid primarily talking about your personal marriage or family goals.
  • DO: Your focus here should be on your personal career goals. It would be beneficial for your answer to include how you feel you would be the best candidate for the job and expect to advance in the company.

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