Updating Your LinkedIn

November 27, 2013

Keeping a professional LinkedIn account is very important. Employers now often take social media accounts into consideration when choosing the best candidate. LinkedIn is a great place to show off your experience and skills to get you a job. Here are some tips to make your LinkedIn profile the best it can be!

Get detailed. Make sure that you add as much detail in your profile as possible. A detailed profile is a strong profile. Try and add as much experience as you can and be specific as to what skills you have. Add all of your contact information to make it easy for businesses to contact you if they have an opportunity that fits you.

Proofread. Businesses will often look at your LinkedIn profile to see how good you are at communicating. If your LinkedIn profile has a typo, the company will think that you are not a very skilled writer which can hurt your chances at getting a job. Treat your LinkedIn account as you would a resume.

Make your headline interesting. Your headline on your LinkedIn profile should be like a headline on a newspaper. It should really grab the attention of the reader. If your headline is memorable the employer will probably be more likely to remember you.
Be honest. It is never a good idea to lie about your skill set. Lying on LinkedIn is just as bad as if you lied during an interview. The company will find out what your skills are (and aren’t) when you work there, so it is much easier if you are honest about your abilities from the beginning.

Get a good picture. A picture is worth a thousand words. If your picture is professional and has a good resolution, you are really well off. Otherwise, have a professional picture taken of yourself that I could use in a work environment.

Get recommendations. Make sure to ask former employers and co-workers to write recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. In makes a world of difference when employers have multiple reference sources, and can worry less about playing phone or email tag.

Contribute to groups. Actively posting in LinkedIn groups, especially those relevant to your field or the field you’d like to enter, can set you apart. Post relevant articles, comment on discussions, and share discussions on your profile in order to establish yourself as a thought leader.

List volunteer experience. Always list your volunteer work on your LinkedIn account. Not only are you helping and supporting the nonprofit of your choice, but you are making yourself look like a well-rounded candidate. It shows you have interests and passions outside of work and that you recognize the importance of helping others.

Link Your Accounts. Post the link to your LinkedIn profile onto your other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Also use LinkedIn in a resume you send out to potential employers. This allows quick and easy access to your online resume.

LinkedIn can be an essential tool in networking or landing your next job. If you need help getting connected with the right people or finding the right path for you, give us a call 214.954.0700 or set up an appointment online.

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