Use Social Media to Your Advantage

June 12, 2013


Most of us are connected through social media in one way or another. Whether you’re just on Facebook or several outlets, social media can be a great tool in landing your next job. Here some tips and tricks to help you take full advantage of your pages.

1. Clean-Up Your Accounts
When you’re looking for and applying for jobs, employers will often look at your social media pages to get a better feel for the kind of person you are. If you have photos of yourself at wild parties or there are profanities sprinkled in your tweets, we would suggest making those so only your friends will see those updates. While it is your private account, you want to ensure your potential boss sees you in the best light.

2. Use Twitter to Search for Opportunities
One of the best aspects of Twitter is its search function. Between hashtags and keywords, Twitter is great way to find a job. Search for people who are discussing topics related to your industry and join the conversation. Oftentimes, companies will post job listings through Twitter and list ways to apply.

3. Be Active on LinkedIn
Most professional, tech-savvy people have a profile on LinkedIn. Take the next step and create a presence for yourself. Join groups related to your industry and post relevant topics for discussion. You can also use LinkdedIn to search for jobs as well as connect with company influencers.

Social media can be an essential tool in landing your next job. If you need help getting connected with the right people or finding the right path for you, visit our website and set up an appointment with us!

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