Why Hire Temporary Work?

December 19, 2014

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of hiring temporary or project work? At Dallas Employment Services we can help you find some excellent temporary work that fits your needs! Here are some reasons you should look into hiring temporary workers:

You need help during specific times
During the holidays you probably notice your staff going on vacation and taking days off to spend with family. This time of the year is excellent for hiring temporary work to help you keep everything together when your full time employees take time off and the office is feeling much emptier. Temporary hires will help you stay organized so there isn’t too much catch up work when everyone comes back from the holidays or to get a head start on next year!

You can evaluate the worker
DES thoroughly interviews our candidates to ensure that they are truly qualified, and every effort is made to match the candidate’s level of ability and professionalism with your temporary needs. We guarantee the performance of each temporary placement. If our employee does not perform to your expectations, please notify us within the first four hours of the assignment and there will be no charge for that time. We will assign a more suitable replacement.

You can save time and money
The cost of hiring temporary workers is often cheaper than the cost of hiring permanent employees. In the short term, it is more cost-efficient to hire a temporary worker. For longer jobs that are expected to last six months or longer, it may pay to direct hire or check out Dallas Employment Services’ Temp-to-Hire option!

Call us today and find out more about our temporary services! Our phone number is (214)-954-0700 or you can check out our website.

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