Why Should You Hire a Recruiter?

September 25, 2013

Companies dread nothing more than when a valued employee leaves and a replacement must be found. Countless hours are lost creating job placement ads, weeding through applicants, interviewing, negotiating, and the list goes on. Many times, just trying to find qualified applicants is next to impossible. A reputable recruiter can help you with all of this, from creating a job description to handling the negotiations after an offer is made. Below are a few of the ways a recruiter will help your business.

Industry Expertise
Recruiters make it their business to know what is happening in the industry. Using this knowledge, recruiters will help a business define the open position, advise on the availability of talent, and recommend a competitive salary and compensation package.

Save Time and Money
Recruiters will screen applicants against requirements of the position and interview the ones who qualify. Next they screen each interviewee to ensure they have the skills, experience, personality, and character your company needs and present top picks to the business. Once a candidate is selected, the recruiter will make the offer and handle negotiations. While there is a fee associated with using a recruiter, it is important to weigh the cost against several factors. These cost include things like the cost of employees focusing on the hiring process rather than generating revenue, cost of advertising the position, and the high cost of having an open position. Another important cost to consider is hiring the wrong employee.

Speed in Filling the Position
Recruiters have access to both applicants who are actively looking and applicants who are not. They have the networks and tools to reach non-active applicants, who usually represent the top talent in their field. Using both types of applicants, recruiters can fill positions faster than a business could on its own. Many recruiters even offer a guarantee of placement within a certain amount of time. Remember, a reputable recruiter will know how to seek out top performers in an industry to make them aware of available positions, which is something most businesses cannot easily do.

Using a recruiter can help a business hire without making the industry aware it is hiring. This is most important for hiring high-profile position as well as keeping competitors in the dark about business operations.

A company’s success is determined by the candidates it has employed, so why take the chance of hiring the wrong one? Let us save you time and money by calling us today at (214)954-0700 for your hiring needs.

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