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Listen Up, Grads!

March 19, 2015

Post-graduate life can be incredibly stressful, as recent college graduates learn to navigate the ups and downs of “real life.” With the stresses of finding a place to live, meeting new people, and living independently, there is plenty to worry about without having to find a job. But the post-grad  ... Read More

Social Media and Your Career

January 30, 2015

When beginning your job search, it’s important to remember to clean up your social media presence for potential employers. In this day and age, it is common practice for recruiters and employers to survey someone’s social media before offering a job or even an interview. Facebook: With such a large  ... Read More

Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

September 26, 2014

Dallas Employment Services has everything you need to know about social media as a recruitment tool! Is Social Media the Recruitment Genie You’ve Been Searching For? In short, no, social media is an excellent tool, but not the best way to recruit. It would seem like a great environment, there  ... Read More

Cleaning Up Your Social Media

April 18, 2014

Social media can be an excellent resource for expressing yourself, storing photos and memories, and communicating with friends and family. However, inappropriate content on social media can be detrimental to your job search. According to Forbes, close to 40 percent of employers check applicants social media before deciding to hire  ... Read More

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

June 12, 2013

  Most of us are connected through social media in one way or another. Whether you’re just on Facebook or several outlets, social media can be a great tool in landing your next job. Here some tips and tricks to help you take full advantage of your pages. 1. Clean-Up  ... Read More